"The Greatest Sacrifice" †

This sculpture of Jesus is a little more than twice life sized.
Dimensions: 40"x24"x26"

Bronze Cast available:
for pricing contact: lance@lancedooley.com

A heavy duty plaster cast is available for temporary display in churches.
Contact me: lance@lancedooley.com

See also, the "Tribulation" oil painting.

EXHIBIT : 7/4/2014 - 8/31/2014

St. Luke's Episcopal Church
428 King Street
Wenatchee, WA 98801

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The Making Of ...
I spent about 5 months making the bust of Jesus as shown above. This was done while I was teaching Sculpture and 3D Design at college so that students could see how a sculpture is made. Another 2 weeks were spent creating the molds that would capture the surface forms. With the molds, I am able to recreate the original clay sculpture shown above and make a very nice plaster cast or a bronze cast. Photo below shows how big the molds are, with me standing to the left.
For a little more insight on the setup of a project like this, download the 3 page excerpt from my publication Drawing & Sculpting the figure.

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