Lance Dooley Presents - Basic & Intermediate Drawing Classes

Basic & Intermediate Drawing will teach you a procedural way to render any object in pencil or charcoal. Based upon fail-safe draftsmanship techniques the student will approach still life setups, outdoor scenes and copy old master drawings with confidence.
Dreaded fore-shortening and other common drawing weaknesses will be conquered.

Plants and other objects are drawn and then concepts such as negative space, abstract shapes, overlaps and relative proportions are discussed.

Starting with a small concept sketch, the student can use the knowledge (elements of art, principles of visual design) learned in this class to create a fully developed drawing. This example shows an octopus. Also, see the painting.

Learn how to draw convincingly and bring life to your subject. Use different shading techniques to add texture.
Click Here to see a painting based on this drawing.

Complex Linear Perspective problems are broken down into easy to understand concepts that can be applied to real world objects.

Learn how to use pencil or charcoal with confidence and craft a high quality rendering of any object from your vantage point.

Lance will constantly review the following concepts:
Gesture, Spacial Relations (Proportions), Contour (Block-in), Values (Light & Shadow), Aerial & Linear Perspective

Once proper drawing techniques are learned, the artist can then use these principles as a foundation to produce more fanciful styles if desired.

Recommended Materials

1 illustration board or mid toned paper, at least 18x24" inches
6 sticks of Soft Vine charcoal
6 sticks of Medium Vine charcoal
5 General's Charcoal black pencils (2B Medium)
5 General's Charcoal black pencils (HB Hard)
2 General's White chalk pencils
1 small blade to sharpen the pencils
1 kneadable eraser
1 small mirror


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