Lance Dooley Presents - Figure Drawing Classes

charcoal on midtoned matboard
Dimension: 30"x40"
In this class you will draw the nude figure while observing a live model.

At your request, instructor can draw directly ontop of your drawing to help you understand the structure of the figure.

You will eventually complete a fully formed figure drawing similar to the quality shown on the left, which will help prepare you to do field sketches like that shown below.

pencil sketch of a sculpture in Florence, Italy

After taking this course, it will be understood why drawing is the fundamental skill which ties together all the visual arts.
Once proper drawing techniques are learned, the artist can then use these principles as a foundation to produce more fanciful styles if desired. If you are a beginner or intermediate artist or you want a refresher on how to go about drawing the human body, then this course is for you.

Take a 3 minute virtual tour of Lance's 2015 one man Life Drawing show ... (click image)

Read about the details of the show by clicking here
Learn how to use charcoal with confidence and craft a high quality rendering of the model from your vantage point.

Lance will constantly review the five elements of a balanced figure drawing:

Recommended Materials

1 illustration board or mid toned paper, at least 18x24" inches
6 sticks of Soft Vine charcoal
6 sticks of Medium Vine charcoal
5 General's Charcoal black pencils (2B Medium)
5 General's Charcoal black pencils (HB Hard)
2 General's White chalk pencils
1 small blade to sharpen the pencils
1 kneadable eraser
1 small mirror


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