Neural Network Explorer, Desktop Software Application
mac - win - unix - linux

Project Goal & User Story:

Rapid visual prototyping of small Artificial Neural Networks (ANNs) for K-12, college, research, or general academic environments.

Beta Version (Free)

Download Link: NeuralNetworkExplorer_Beta.jar
Size: 329 KB

Download Example File: NNEMemory.nne
Size: 7 KB

When the Neural Network Explorer starts up, it will look for NNEMemory.nne in the working directory and open it up.
If NNEMemory.nne is not found, then Neural Network Explorer will start up with a fresh blank workspace and you have to create your own graph.

This is a desktop application written entirely in Java 8, runnable with a JVM installed on user's OS.

Screen Shot


Architecture & Design Patterns

Architecturally, the Neural Network Explorer application adheres to the Model Viewer Controller (MVC) design pattern.
Shown below is a visual mapping of how MVC is segmented with respect to this project.

Developers -> A brief Object Oriented Class architecture explanation and java class definitions can be found on the github link for this project.

Publications for this Project

Object Oriented Programming: Neural Networks, Part 1, by Lance Dooley 2017
In this article, we focus our attention on how Object Oriented Programming techniques can represent a biological system such as a Neural Network.

Object Oriented Programming: Neural Networks, Part 2, by Lance Dooley 2017
We continue refining our digital model of a neuron, define the Net Input Function, and begin discussing how a neuron processes information.

Object Oriented Programming: Neural Networks, Part 3, by Lance Dooley 2017
Complete modeling the logical Neuron unit and look at a few simple test cases using the Sigmoid Function for the Activation Function

<- Object Oriented Programming source code, Neuron Modeling on Github

This section is for developers who wish to take a look at or utilize the source code for the Data Structure(s) for the Neural Network Explorer.

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There is no official support for this project, but you can send questions to: lance@lancedooley.com