Snowy Owl (Bubo scandiacus), by Lance Dooley

work in progress ...

Title: Snowy Owl
Dimensions: one-third life sized

This version of a Snowy Owl shows the creature in a dynamic posture.
The surfacing detail will resonate with more modernistic sculptures.
Stay tuned as I hope to have this project completed in Fall 2017.

Working on the design of the snowy owl, with the metallic armature on the right.

Click here to see the painting! ...

For more information on this sculpture project, please contact me at:

For more information on the Snowy Owl, see the wiki on this amazing species and see it's range shown blow.
As you can see, it only dwells in the upper parts of the Northern Hemisphere.


Developing the Armature
Like most sculptures I make, the central core consists of a metallic armature. In this case, I welded some 1/4" steel rod onto a square tube cross section and bend the steel with a blow torch. Added some bendable aluminum wire and I spend many hours creating the gestural shape of the figure.

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