Lance Dooley - Figure Sculpting Classes & Workshops

In this class you will sculpt the human figure with oil based clay while observing a live model

Class will begin with the basics of armature construction and shaping. The metallic armature should contain the essence and spirit of the figure being sculpting and therefore much attention is devoted to this early on.

After the armature has been constructed, emphasis is then placed on learning to see and render the gesture and proportions of a free standing, seated, kneeling or reclining figure.

As the student progresses, modelling of individual forms are discussed in greater detail.

This repeatable class will allow the student to gain confidence with articulating the human figure in clay and eventually the student will be able to handle complex poses and understand all the dynamics involved in the figure and create a clay sculpture of any figure in any position.

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to see bronze cast of sculpture on the left.

Artist Lance Dooley will demonstrate all the techniques and skills required to sculpt the human body by creating a torso or full figure sculpture alongside the students.


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