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Lance Dooley ~ Biography

Lance was born into a family of travelling Americans in Thailand. His family then spent 7 years in Tehran before returning to the father's hometown in Oroville, Washington and then moving to East Wenatchee, WA where he graduated from High School with the Artist of the Year award in 1986.

Lance served 4 years in the Unites States Army, mostly in Wurzburg Germany where he enjoyed touring the countryside and central Europe in his old beat up 1979 Mazda and learned to speak German. At the end of his military service in USAREUR, the Berlin Wall came down.

Lance went to Washington State University and graduated Cum Laude with a B.S. in Electrical Engineering, with an emphasis on Computer Science, Software Engineering, and Signal Processing. During his Engineering Studies, Lance completed a 3 month internship with Sandia National Labs in Livermore, CA, working with scientific data sampling and visualization software.

Lance then worked in Bellevue, WA in the hi-tech sector as a Software Engineer at Boeing and then Attachmate, for 10 years.

Lance sought out ways to combine engineering and the sciences into creative discovery technologies. Looking back in time at the epicenter of when some of the greatest advances in thinking, sciences, and art where made, Lance decided to move to Florence, Italy and temporarily step away from the world of hi-tech.

Lance moved to Italy and enrolled in The Florence Academy of Art as a full time student in the renaissance city of Florence, Italy and graduated from the three-year Sculpture Program with the Best Sculpture of the Year award for the class of 2008.

In 2013, Lance built an 8 foot tall sculpture of a Central Washington business magnate by the name of E.T. Pybus. That sculpture is permanently installed in a mixed indoor-outdoor industrial/posh waterfront market place in Wenatchee, Washington USA.

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