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Lance Dooley ~ Sculpture Studio

The composite photo above was taken at Pybus Market in Wenatchee, WA USA during an interview from King 5 TV. (Aug 2013)
This was a public studio space within the market, which allowed visitors to be able to view me as I worked on this project.
As an artist, I believe in sharing both the process and the final product with the public.

Working on a few projects during they Pybus Fine Art Sunday (May 8, 2016).

A typical spread in the studio, with drawings and sculptures strewn everywhere. (Dec 2010)

My first studio in Seattle, after returning from Italy.
This was in Ballard, WA.(Aug 2008)
I really liked this space, but there was no heating and by November spent a lot of time huddled over a space heater.

Contact lance at: lance@lancedooley.com

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