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Synopsis: The Fourth Industrial Revolution, by Lance Dooley 2017
This article is a primer on a term that is being used to describe the evolution of industry in general, The Fourth Industrial Revolution.

Robots, Androids, and the SINGULARITY, by Lance Dooley 2017
A short overview about Robots, Androids, and the Technological Singularity.

Object Oriented Programming: Neural Networks, Part 1, by Lance Dooley 2017
In this article, we focus our attention on how Object Oriented Programming techniques can represent a biological system such as a Neural Network.

Object Oriented Programming: Neural Networks, Part 2, by Lance Dooley 2017
We continue refining our digital model of a neuron, define the Net Input Function, and begin discussing how a neuron processes information.

Object Oriented Programming: Neural Networks, Part 3, by Lance Dooley 2017
Complete modeling the logical Neuron unit and look at a few simple test cases using the Sigmoid Function for the Activation Function

Data Science & Data Visualization (R programming language)

Active forays into creating predictive models by using statistical learning and machine learning (ML) algorithms.
Here are a few plots from the text commentary for a scientific dataset regarding genes, variations, and cancer classification.

(L)Lexical Dispersion Plot, (R)Word Cloud

Using R Studio and the quanteda package, it is possible to interrogate word data and create some illuminating plots.

R is a open source vectorized programming language optimized for Statistical Computing and graphing.
The above plot shows the highest frequency terms in a corpus of 3321 texts. Corpus was tokenized and cleaned with the Quanteda package.

ggplot(topDf) + geom_point(aes(x=term, y=frequency)) + ggtitle(title) + coord_flip();

SOFTWARE PROJECT: Neural Network Explorer (Java)

Click here to go to the official page for this project and download the software.

This stand alone desktop application accompanies the series of articles on "Object Oriented Programming, Neural Networks" .
Allows rapid visual prototyping and experimentation of small Artificial Neural Networks (ANNs).
Written entirely in Java 8, runnable with a JVM.

A brief Object Oriented Class architecture explanation and java class definitions can be found on the github link for this project.

Features include ...

Architecturally, the Neural Network Explorer application adheres to the Model Viewer Controller (MVC) design pattern.
Shown below is a visual mapping of how MVC is segmented, with respect to this project.
The Controller separates any direct communication between the Model and the View.


<-Lance's Github Page with publicly accessible code samples (Java, R, RobotC), click here.
Github is a free online code version sharing system.
"GitHub is a development platform inspired by the way you work. From open source to business, you can host and review code, manage projects, and build software alongside millions of other developers."

STEM Teaching: Robotics, Circuits, Science, Programming ...

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Robotics, Circuits, Science, Programming ...

3D Digital Modeling

SKYLARK, prototype air vehicle, 3D Digital Model example.
Modeled with Autodesk Maya.

This design is a mix of rentable office and entertainment space, spanning four covered floors, an active roof top space, and an observation deck.
The building is partially covered by a modern looking permanent transparent hard canopy that is supported by steel I-beams resonating with steel industry legacy of the area.
Modeled with Autodesk Maya.