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Synopsis: The Fourth Industrial Revolution, by Lance Dooley 2017
This article is a primer on a term that is being used to describe the evolution of industry in general, The Fourth Industrial Revolution.

Object Oriented Programming: Neural Networks, Part 1, by Lance Dooley 2017
In this article, we focus our attention on how Object Oriented Programming techniques can represent a biological system such as a Neural Network.

Object Oriented Programming: Neural Networks, Part 2, by Lance Dooley 2017
We continue refining our digital model of a neuron, define the Net Input Function, and begin discussing how a neuron processes information.

Robots, Androids, and the SINGULARITY, by Lance Dooley 2017
A short overview about Robots, Androids, and the Technological Singularity.

ACTIVE SOFTWARE PROJECT: Neural Network Explorer

This stand alone desktop application accompanies the series of articles on "Object Oriented Programming, Neural Networks" as shown above.

Read the articles and follow along as Lance models a biological system using Object Oriented Methodologies.

User Story: Create a graphical user interface that will allow a user to interact with a neural network engine by creating and modifying neurons and their communications with other neurons in the network.

Design Methodology: Agile
Development Language: Java 8
IDE: Eclipse
UML Class Diagram:

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