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Synopsis: The Fourth Industrial Revolution, by Lance Dooley 2017
This article is a primer on a term that is being used to describe the evolution of industry in general, The Fourth Industrial Revolution.

Robots, Androids, and the SINGULARITY, by Lance Dooley 2017
A short overview about Robots, Androids, and the Technological Singularity.

Object Oriented Programming: Neural Networks, Part 1, by Lance Dooley 2017
In this article, we focus our attention on how Object Oriented Programming techniques can represent a biological system such as a Neural Network.

Object Oriented Programming: Neural Networks, Part 2, by Lance Dooley 2017
We continue refining our digital model of a neuron, define the Net Input Function, and begin discussing how a neuron processes information.

Object Oriented Programming: Neural Networks, Part 3, by Lance Dooley 2017
Complete modeling the logical Neuron unit and look at a few simple test cases using the Sigmoid Function for the Activation Function


Drawing and Sculpting The Figure, by Lance Dooley © 2016

Written and designed for the college student or artist who wishes to gain an understanding of figure drawing and figure sculpting.
This 160+ page publication describes various approaches, methods and techniques for drawing with charcoal and sculpting with clay.
Contains numerous examples from an in international list of artists as well as a special section for the portrait.
Contains glossary of terms and suggested syallabi for instructors wishing to teach figure drawing or sculpting courses.


Foothills Magazine
'Drive and Commitment' Inside the world of artist Lance Dooley
An article written about Lance appears in this March-April 2014 edition of Foothills

Click here to visit Foothills Magazine website or visit Foothills on

Foothills is a bi-monthly, full-glossy lifestyle magazine that features the joy and beauty of North Central Washington, which includes Wenatchee, Leavenworth, Chelan, Cashmere and more

Photo Credit: Ron Mason Photography


Wenatchee World ... Oct 4, 2013
bringing E.T. Pybus back to life
"As spring transitioned into June, I was anxious to begin adding clay to the metallic armature that would become the sculpture of E.T. Pybus, the legendary man who ..."
Krem 2 TV... Sept 3, 2013

Wenatchee taps the spirit of Pike Place with Pybus Market

"We're capturing the spirit of what E.T. Pybus was all about,' said Dooley. 'He was a self-made man who came to this country, worked hard and made the community a better place ..."
Wenatchee World June 2015
photo credit: Mike Irwin
Pybus Market Turns 2 Years Old (1.9 MB PDF file)
A one page special article frome the Wenatchee World, describing all the successes of Pybus Public Market.
The sculpture of Mr. ET Pybus (Man of Steel) is featured at the bottom of the page.


The 2016/17 cycle of the Percival Plinth Project an outdoor sculpture venue located in the downtown waterfront area of Olympia, WA.
Viewers can experience the highly renovated waterfront, with glimpses of the capitol building in the background.
More info on the EVENTS page.

A solo show in the lounge area of O'Grady's Pantry on the campus of the enchanting Sleeping Lady Resort just outside of Leavenworth, features a selection of Lance Dooley's wildlife work.
ANIMALI = the Italian word for animals.
More info on the EVENTS page.

Solo show anthology of life drawings created by Lance Dooley.
More info on the EVENTS page.
ICICLE TV ... 2010

Wenatchee Valley Artist - Lance Dooley

Another one from the SkiPow vault.
Filmed and edited by Shane Wilder (Skipow), Wenatchee based artist and sculptor Lance Dooley talks about his journey into the arts.
He shares insights into his process and talks about his passion for drawing and sculpture.
Watch Lance work on recent projects and see many of his past works.

Wenatchee Valley College - Unveiling of Veterans Memorial May 21 2014

click here to see the 13 minute video on youtube

The entire ceremony is caught on video. It was a very bright day, so forgive my strange looking sunglasses.
See the history of the project (design, creation, pedestal, cast) by clicking here ...
The making of "America"

web: www.lancedooley.com
email: lance@lancedooley.com

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