Lance Dooley Presents - Portrait Sculpting Classes

Come to this class with an eagerness to explore the human portrait.
Artist Lance Dooley will show you the skills required to sculpt the human portrait.

Class handout includes the portrait section of Drawing & Sculpting the Figure.


- Correctly block in the framework of the human face
- Learn about the anatomy of the face and how bones & cartilage give our face it's shape
- Understand how sharp and soft transitions can bring realism to your sculpture
- How to use realtive comparison to make the features the correct size in realtion to the whole
- Train your eye to recognize the natural shapes and avoid a repetitive fabricated look
- Sculpt a likeness of the model, not create a generic person


Armature (armatures are provided by instructor and student has option to purchase armature at end of class)

- (1) Bag of Clay (provided by the instructor): Vashon White or other type of clay that has mechanical properties optimal for sculpting ($10)

student should obtain and bring the following items ...
- (1) Aluminum Caliper that can span at least 10" ($6)
- (1) Fettling Knife with long blade and wooden handle, this is used to draw on the clay ($5)
- (1) Putty Knife with steel blade that is not too thin or flimsy - used to push & pack the clay on ($7)
- Wooden Sculpting Tools (large and small) - ($12)

* It is possible to buy pre-made head armatures and sculplting tools from various art stores and online art stores, such as - Vashon White Clay (25 lb bag costs $10)

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